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Draft Day (PG-13)   
Apr. 11, 2014

Mike: Tonight we are reviewing Draft Day, a story that takes place completely in one day, the 2014 NFL Draft.
So what did you think?
Michael I.: I'm not a big NFL fan -- in fact I only watched a handful of games during the playoffs -- but I really enjoyed it. What about you, Mike?

Pompeii (PG-13)   
Feb. 21, 2014

Mike: Tonight we are reviewing Pompeii, an action movie in 3D about the last days of the Italian city as Mt Vesuvius erupts.

What did you think Michael?

Baggage Claim (PG-13)   
Sep. 27, 2013

Mike: Tonight we are reviewing Baggage Claim, a romantic comedy about a flight attendant on a thirty day mission to find a fiancé before her sister's wedding.

What did you think?

<a title='For more information on The Best Man Holiday' href='movies.aspx/753-The-Best-Man-Holiday'>The Best Man Holiday</a>&nbsp;<span class='clsRating'>(<a href="javascript:popRating('The Best Man Holiday','R','');">R</a>)</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Nov. 15, 2013
The Best Man Holiday (R)   
Nov. 15, 2013

Mike: Tonight I am reviewing The Best Man Holiday, an ensemble comedy-drama about college friends getting together for the Christmas holidays.

After seeing a trailer and getting a look at the cast, I was already interested in seeing this.

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"Maleficent" explores the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic...

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